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project registration number NF-CZ11-OV-1-022-2015, within the framework of the grant programme CZ11 “Initiatives in the Public Health Area”, activities of II Care of Children, financed by Norwegian funds.

Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic acts as an intermediary of the CZ11 programme.
Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic is a partner of the CZ11 programme.

The project is implemented by the Trauma Centre for Children and Teenagers of Thomayer Hospital, together with the “Kolečko” Endowment Fund.

Period of the project implementation: 01/2015 – 04/2016

Purpose of the programme is to improve access to and quality of preventive medical care for children. The Norwegian funds have granted CZK 8.47 million for implementation of the programme. The implementation of primary and secondary preventive care among pupils  aims at reduction of probably injuries. Within tertiary prevention will ensure the purchase of instrumentation and technical support and training specialists traumatologists.

Thomayer Hospital together with the “Kolečko” Endowment Fund plan to extend the following project activities in the catchment area of the Thomayer Hospital Trauma Centre for Children and Teenagers within the period of next 16 months.

  1. Primary prevention of injuries
    This activity is provided in cooperation with the Endowment Fund “Kolečko”. Objective of the activity is to organize and implement specific educational events and programmes aiming at the most common causes of injuries. Approximately 2600 children aged 6-10 years, 600 parents of the children under 6 years will be involved in the programme, and a interactive Internet application will be that resides on www.ftn.cz/prevenceurazu. The application will take the form of game; and will be designed to download and use in mobile phones. Imaginative image processing allow children to approach the topic of child injury prevention.
  2. Secondary prevention of injuries
    Specialists of the Thomayer Hospital Trauma Centre for Children and Teenagers will be prepare and implement cycle of educational activities which are aimed at optimizing the first treatment of trauma in the catchment area of Trauma Center. A total of 10 workshops will be trained about 75 people from the professional medical staff.  An e-learning course “Basic Care of Paediatric Fractures” will be prepared for the professional staff of medical facilities of the catchment area. It will be available on www.ftn.cz/prevenceurazu as a means of teaching students of the 3rd Medical Faculty of Charles University.
  3. Ensuring and implementation of tertiary prevention of injuries
    The aim of the activity is to reduce the morbidity and mortality of children’s accidents and minimizing their impact on the social sphere. New medical equipment will be purchased, and to replace or supplement the existing obsoleted. Thanks to the new instruments the period of healing of the primary injuries will be shortened, and the risk of post-traumatic complications will decrease. The leading clinics in Norway will be transferred know-how to the team of specialists and improve their qualification. In August 2015 the project was expanded to include the prevention of bone traumas and injuries of the urinary tract. The new expansion project will take urological devices, surgical bone drills, beds, and other necessary equipment of 3,2 million CZK. This prevention focuses on pediatric patients with long-term functional disorders of the urinary tract due to a trauma. The aim is to create a workplace with super-specialized care.

The project outputs will be freely distributable, will continue after the project maintained and developer. The “Kolečko” Endowment Fund is a long-term and time-proven partner of the Thomayer Hospital not only for this project.

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